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Are you holding back your career with a death grip? Stuck in your stuff because you can't get past the analysis paralysis? STEP OUT of your FEAR and let life happen. Believe in the process of imperfection. There will never be a perfect time, a perfect moment or an earth shattering experience to change things for you on a dime. Stop looking for that neon sign to point you in the right direction, the one with the huge lightening bolt entitled THIS WAY TO YOUR DREAM! I promise you... it's not going to appear. The truth is this. The right time is NOW. You already know exactly what you want because it wakes you up at night, you spend most of your waking hours thinking about it and you often feel angry inside because you're not already there. You'll stop beating yourself up, when you start feeding that passion!! You already know it's going to take some massive moves to get all your motions, emotions and commotions into the right space. Don't procrastinate. Every second spent second guessing is a huge waste. Never create road blocks where there is open road. Quiet your analysis, and open your heart to the unexpected. Feel the beautiful winds of change, as you take a brisk step toward your destiny... IT IS TIME Birdee

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