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Are Your Cards Showing?

I'll never forget, as an aspiring young artist, sitting down at CAA in Beverly Hills to talk business and the future. Carole Kinzel, the legend among legendary agents, had invited me in for a meeting. This is a woman known for crafting the powerful careers of Maroon 5, Radiohead and Dua Lipa (just to name a few) Soooo as she asked my nervously shaking brain a few questions, I went into my most informative and (I thought) most effective answers. That is, until she cut me off. "Girl, don't you dare show me all your cards." "Excuse me?" I replied. "Don't ever show anyone all your cards. I don't care who they are. Whether it's me or any number of influential people you'll be meeting along the way. Your CARDS are sacred. Learn the fine art of piecemeal and mystical eloquence in all of your dealings and not only will you go far, but you'll be on top at all times." It took me a while to really understand the power of those words. Sharing with sincere connection is important, but sharing the most precious details of your journey is not a solid plan. Ask yourself the following before diving in too deep a. Does this person, industry professional, label, etc deserve to know this right now? b. Has this person, industry professional, label earned my respect and trust yet? c. Do I genuinely like this person, industry professional, label and does their mission match mine? If any of those 3 fall within the gray area? Hold your cards to your vest. Keep your head held high. Trust in your power to magnify all the right things in all the right moments. Eloquent Mystique and keep moving... BE A FORCE Birdee Bow

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