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Catch The Negatives and FLIP'em!!

Negatives are a necessary part of life Without the negatives, how could we ever enjoy all the fabulous positive light!?

As a business owner and consultant, I get a fair share of negatives flying into the in box from time to time. I play a game with myself entitled, FLIP'em! That's where I take any negative comment and automatically turn it into something not only humorous, but also POSITIVE!! I think of this as my own twist on a tired and dull situation and voila! The fabulous begins. It is QUITE funny to imagine a grumpy e mailer suddenly showering you with compliments or chocolates or better yet? MONEY!! (My personal favorite) CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT THINGS AND THINGS CHANGE!!! Your perspective is always up to you. SHINE Accordingly BE A FORCE Birdee

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