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Fear, Faith and FORWARD

I recently had an amazing phone call with a dear friend of mine who is pure FIRE in life.  A woman who has battled through two open heart surgeries (beginning at the ripe old age of 26) and heart disease from the time of her birth.   She's now almost 50. 

Told most of her life that she would never be able to have a family (she did) and that she would probably never live to see 30 (she did) AND that if she ever had any other serious illnesses her heart would never make it through (she HAS and she DID).  

On top of all this amazingness?  She's also a gorgeous mom, wife and owner of a DOCTORATE in Education and Childhood Studies. Oh and did I mention she looks about 35?  Woman KNOWS how to take care of herself and is no stranger to the importance of rest, relaxation and a luxury vacation whenever possible. 

But the most incredible thing about my friend is this... 

She is the most positive, upbeat and grateful human I've ever met. 

No bitterness, no sympathy, no poor me quotes and mainly? 


She lives it up,  she achieves amazing successes and she loves every drop of her life without apology. 

As we spoke, I told her about my current fears... fears of moving forward in a pandemic. 

Fears of keeping Bsquared STRONG, launching a new program and trying to keep my own anxious tendencies in check. 

Wanna know what she said to me? 

"I don't have the luxury of worry, as my heart would never hold up to it.  So I don't know what that kind of worry feels like... but I think it must be awful.  I learned a long time ago to let anxiety go and fill that empty spot with the faith that everything is going to be ok.  I think you need to meet your fears with faith."


Girlfriend set me straight. 

Thank goodness for fabulous friends who hold the torch when we cannot see the way.

May your week be filled with faith before fear and all the love in the world to move forward with grace.  



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