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Francis Mabborang & New Projects

When did you become a music lover and what does music bring to your life? I grew up listening to music. Even when I was born, I have been into music and I have been influenced heavily by my parents' interest and fondness of it. My mother side in particular are great musicians. Both of my parents were born in the 60s and were big Beatles fans. Since then, I grew up listening and appreciating all genres and forms because of them. As a Filipino, our innate love for karaoke is big and in our family, once a Beatles song is being sung, expect that all of the songs from the Beatles will be sung and songs from Air Supply, Bee Gees, Stylistics, Matt Monroe, and all other crooners will be sung down to the present. Surprisingly, I have come to realize that Rock Music has influenced me a lot (including 70s/80s rock, slow rock, alternative, pop rock and punk rock). It's my love and environment that made me love music so much and brought me to the world of Musical Theater. What can we expect to see at one of your LIVE shows!? I am always LIVE on a new platform called LIVIT where I sing, dance, chat, hang around and just puts on a show every single day. Apart from that, I am currently working a recently-developed version of The Panic Defense written by Sam Affoumado for an Equity 29-Hour Reading of his play where I originated the role of Benny on an invite only link on October 19 & 22 via zoom. Who has been your greatest influence? Apart from my family, the International Filipino Artist who are trailblazing the path for us Asians and Filipinos in the industry.

Please tell us about your new music!! I don't have a music to be released but I am working on a conceptual project that I am collaborating with people music wise.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021? I am looking forward for a fruitful and productive year full of opportunities that are actually happening. 2020 is about to end in a few months and we are all striving to continue creating art, it's something that we do as artists. we naturally just do something creative. INSTAGRAM

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