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Get to Know Angel Caroline!

Where are you located now and where are you originally from?

I am located where I am from- the suburbs of NYC. Who has been your greatest Influence? My biggest influence is Kehlani. Besides being in love with her, I admire her tone of voice, and the mixture of story-telling lyrics with groovy beats. What is your latest and greatest? I am working on my first mixtape, which I want so bad to put out but it's not near finished. I can't rush it, I'm always reminding myself! Are you performing LIVE soon? I have no plans to perform live until I have my songs out and can start promoting them in NYC. What are you most looking forward to in 2022? I am looking forward to, God willing, releasing my mixtape in 2022, which feels like I will be actually starting my music career. How did you deal with all the changes in the past two years that the music industry has gone through? I've been writing my mixtape since a few months before covid. I don't know much of a world of creating music outside of covid, but now that I'm in the later stages of production I am collaborating with vaccinated friends, and damn it's tough to mold to someone else's schedule but it does make the music sound so much richer. Plus when you find that connection in the midst of creating it inspires so much more art. What would you say to your younger self if you could? I'd say give yourself time, set a limit for yourself and don't be trying to break that limit every time you work (in any industry). My theory for squelching perfectionism which can run you dry. On a scale from ONE to TEN, how driven are you? I'm a 10 on the driven scale as long as the work serves me as a person, not just as a branded artist. When you're not feeling motivated how do you get back on track? When I'm not feeling motivated I turn towards other work (I work at a pre-school!) and other art that can keep me busy and feed my inspiration especially if it is action-based. How much do you believe LUCK plays a role in success? Luck seems to be the major part of the superstars' business, but I guess I will have to wait and see for myself. How can we stay up to date with you? You can stay up to date with me on my Instagram @angelcarolinemusic . And when I DO release my music you will find it on my SoundCloud and Spotify (both @AngelCaroline)

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