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Get to Know Hannah Love!

Where are you from and how did you get started?

While I was born in the Bronx, NY, my parents were born and raised on the beautiful and sunny island of Jamaica, WI. I started my music journey in the church house! I sang my first solo on the "Sunbeam Choir" leading "I am a Promise" hand on bouncing hip and all! LOL! I was 3 years old. By 5, my parents signed me up for piano lessons. Since then, I played the flute in my jr. high school band, and sang in various choirs and praise teams.

How do you manage your self-care yourself and is this something you encourage artists to do?

I was raised as a Sabbath-Keeper. Traditionally, I church'd all day: age appropriate Sabbath School Classes, Main Service, Lunch (always lunch), Bible Class or Choir Rehearsal (depending on the age) and a Youth Service. On some Sabbaths, we would end with a Social - more food, games, and bonding. Quarterly, we would go out: bowling, apple picking, Sizzler, etc. These experiences taught me the importance of rest. I stopped working, sports, extra-curricular activities, school work, and spent the day with my church family and God. As I've gotten older, how I keep Sabbath has changed - I opt for a garden, my favourite worship playlist and my notebook, or even a dope worship concert. Sabbath is the day I choose to rest and reset in Jesus. My responsibilities and accessibilities have changed and so is how I take care of myself. An occasional deep tissue massage, facia or lazy day in bed may be exactly what my body, mind and spirit needs. If I weekly and intentionally take one day and spend with Jesus, I can and should take one day to take care of me. I'm better for it. I encourage my vocalists to do the same.If their schedule and day-to-day responsibilities don't allow for a full day, take 5 minutes a day to rest and reset. Sit in your feelings: What does your body need:

How are you feeling?

Why are you feeling this way?

What do you need?

How can your community support you?

You'll thank you for it later!

What is your biggest piece of Advice for Artists you help?

BREATHE!!! Most people take short, shallow breaths, not full and deep breaths. Learning how to breathe reduces stress on the body, teaches you where to place the air and ensures that your chords are working effectively and efficiently.

What is challenging with wellness and or mental health as a musical artists?

I do all the things your doctor suggests: drink lots of water, go walking, eat fresh fruits and veggies and get lots of rest. Easier said than done right! However, choosing not to do this has adverse effects. Water hydrates your body and your chords. Walking (or exercise) keeps your body healthy and toned (A sick body produces a sick sound). Eating clean, or as healthy as your pockets can allow, keeps your body feeling light and free. Rest allows your body to rest and recuperate after a long day's work. If my body isn't operating at 100% my sound will be compromised. I have a therapist, a mentor and healthy support system. And I use them regularly and appropriately. Love More Music isn't mind; she belongs to God. He just trusts me to steward her. I can't do that to the best of my ability if I am unhealthy. Having a support system that gets that, supports me, pushes me and holds space for me is important. I dream of music: the band, the chords, the congregational response. I hear chords when the average person hears one note. In corporate worship settings, I can see and hear the Holy Spirit instructing me on where to go, when to stop, etc. It's scary and can cause you to question your gift when you can see and hear things that others cannot. It is so important to have people who are equipped and understand this. They support, pour into you, or get me together when I'm frustrated. I would be a completely different artist if I didn't have this.

Tell us about your mission?

I am a worship and vocal coach and CEO, Founder, and Owner of Love More Music. LMM is a music company designed to train vocalists, teams, and choirs to enhance the intimate and corporate worship experience in traditional and charismatic church service. Using workshops, courses, clinics, retreats, and coaching sessions, I teach the importance of worship and the skill of singing. In short, I work with you to ensure that you can gracefully lead people into worship while sounding sweet!

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