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Thank you for spending some time with us today! Tell us about your latest creative endeavor!

Thanks so much for having me! My newest single is called 'Is This Love' which features the fabulously talented Kitt Wakeley. Kitt and I have been working on this one for a while, but I was finally able to record it over the summer. The main melody is taken from one of Kitt's songs called St. Christopher's Journey. I put a top-line on it and we added in a bridge during production which basically created a whole new song in and of itself. The lyrics take the listener through a journey of falling in love and not knowing if going 'all in' is the best thing to do. In the end, they take the leap so to speak.

On a scale from 1-10… How driven are you? 


What is your spirit animal and why?

Wolf - Wolves are intelligent and have strong instincts. They are also very aware of the importance of social connections. I always do my research and tend to make final decisions using my gut instinct. I like to also say I'm the queen of networking. Social interactions and connections are key to success in the music business in my opinion. You never know who you might have the opportunity to work with, but you have to have the confidence to reach out and start that conversation. As an extrovert, it's one of the things I love doing. Wolves also live their lives more freely and bring a certain passion to their everyday activities. I'd like to think that I certainly do that with my music.  

What was the first experience in your life, when you knew you were destined for this career path?

When I was six years old I participated in a school Christmas Pageant. Each of us had to dress up and either recite a poem or sing a song from a different country. Since I'm part German, I chose Germany and I decided to sing the German version of 'Oh Tannenbaum' (Oh Christmas Tree). It was the first time I performed on stage and in front of people. Needless to say, it made a significant impression. I knew in that moment, music would always be a part of my life. 

How important is “luck” in your career? 

Do I believe in luck? Of course. A chance meeting, connection, the right person hears your song. It's happened. However, I think hard work and perseverance is more important in my career than luck. I'm also more of a 'fate' person. If it was meant to happen it will, but you have to keep working at it. I'm not the kind of person that thinks that by sitting around and doing nothing I'll get a break or that sync placement. You have to put in the work and be passionate about what you are doing.  

What have you found to be 100% true about success?

The short answer is that it's hard work. It can also be very lonely. 

If you could meet any successful person in your career who would it be and why? 

This is a hard one as I'm influenced by so many people. Honestly, I'd have to stick with my idol, Pat Benatar. She's the epitome of success and perseverance in the music business by a female artist. 

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