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Have you ever thought about SOCIAL MEDIA as just a place to serve and offer meaningful words of impact? It's hard I know. We're all so hardwired to believe that it's all about the imagery and pageantry and fabulosity. It's almost impossible to see it all for just another way of being social. How good would it truly feel to just let go of the ego and dive into a non ego-centric attitude about social media? So what if no one comments or replies to your post? Not a big deal. What if no one even likes your post? Ok, again, not a big deal. You're still putting your mission, your story and your magic out into the world to share something that touches your heart. What if you just continued to show up again and again without fail? What if only ONE person is affected by your words, your mission, your statements or affirmations? What if that ONE turns into more than one at some point? WIN. What if you LET THE EGO GO and showed up completely VULNERABLE without any expectations? I'd say you're on to something BIG I'd say the UNIVERSE will feel your ABUNDANCE and meet you there I'd say that's really SOCIAL xo Birdee

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