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Thanks for being here Athxna!! Tell us what you're up to!! SO! I just came out with a new single called MESSY! You can find it on ANY streaming service!!! I am so so so excited! It is the first official work i’ve put out and I just love it. 

On a scale from 1 - 10, how driven are YOU!?

…. does 11 count? Its just funny to me because I used to be, and still struggle with sometimes, being a lazy person… Since I moved to Nashville I have just hit the ground running! We are humans so we need to cut ourselves some slack sometimes, but its difficult when we put so many expectations on us. I am grateful to have an amazing team behind me that pushes and motivates me every day to get my shit done. 

What is your spirit animal and why?

A cow DUH! They’re clumsy, love food, adorable, and love to love <3

When did you know music was going to be an important part of your journey?

honestly when I was five and my grandmother and I were sitting at her piano that she gave me in her living room. She was playing Fur Elise and I was hooked…. I miss her a lot, she gave me the passion of music. 

How much do you think LUCK plays a role in success?

Very! I believe that everything happens for a reason and I work REALLY hard for everything I get, but I do find myself in situations where I'm flabbergasted and LUCKY to be where I am!  What have you found to be 100% true about success? Ill let you know when I consider myself successful! I am on the right track though I can tell you that. Work hard play hard! 

Who is your greatest Influence?

Ella Fitzgerald, She is my all time favorite singer and I swoon at her voice.

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