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  My latest creative endeavor is preparing to release my new single, "Broken."  I recorded the track in the spring and am excited to finally be releasing it into the world!  It's a song about falling for someone that is battling their own inner demons and recognizing that as much as you are attracted to them and want to help them, it's not worth it to let that kind of darkness into your life.   ON A SCALE FROM ONE TO TEN... HOW DRIVEN ARE YOU? 

I would say a 9.5.  I'm pretty driven... I wouldn't be down in LA trying to pursue my art if I didn't have a lot of ambition and drive.  I don't think there's any way to be successful in the music and performance world without it.   WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL AND WHY? My main spirit animal is the white wolf... I'm not one hundred percent sure why this is my spirit animal, but I remember it first appearing to me when I was meditating.  I just kind of knew that I was connected to this creature.  I also feel a connection to barn owls and dolphins.   WHAT WAS THE FIRST EXPERIENCE IN YOUR LIFE, WHEN YOU KNEW YOU WERE DESTINED FOR THIS CAREER PATH? I'm not sure I really have a specific experience that made me feel like I was destined for any specific path.  Although I am pursuing my career as a performing artist doing contortion and as a musician, I am also a yoga and pilates instructor.  I am passionate about all of the things I do for sure, but I cannot think of a first experience that made me feel I was destined for any one thing.  All I know is that it is important for me to love what I do.  Music has always been a constant in my life, so it definitely makes sense to me that it would eventually make its way into my career path... turns out, for me, that is singing and writing songs.   HOW IMPORTANT IS "LUCK" IN YOUR CAREER? I think "luck" is a big part of anyone's career, and I honestly think it can also make or break it for a lot of people.  Particularly in the music industry, I think it's a lot about meeting the right people at the right time.  Obviously, it cannot be all about that... you have to have the desire and drive to work hard as well, but I also believe there are a lot of talented artists out there who can remain relatively unknown because they haven't had "luck" in meeting the right people to push their career to that next level.  It's not everything, but I believe it does play a role for sure.   WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND TO BE 100% TRUE ABOUT SUCCESS? I think "success" looks different for everyone, depending on their goals, but I do believe that it is almost impossible to be successful without putting in hard work.  I don't know any successful artists that just stumbled upon it without years of work at their craft.   IF YOU COULD MEET ANY SUCCESSFUL PERSON IN YOUR CAREER WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY?  I would love to meet Tori Amos... she is a big musical inspiration for me, and I would be honored to just hang out with her.  I've watched her perform life quite a few times, and her music has really helped drive me as a musician and songwriter.   INSTAGRAM

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