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Music, Peace and NATALIE JEAN

Hello Natalie Jean and Thank You for sharing some time with us at Aspire to Empire today!! When did you become a music lover and what does music bring to your life?

I became a music lover because of my father, Guy Robert Jean. He is a famous Haitian singer. When I was little, he used to sing to me. I also had the opportunity to watch him perform. We also watched a lot of Elvis, believe it or not. Music brings me peace. It is my saving grace. It allows me to convey every emotion that I am going through at the time. It also gives me a great opportunity to help others. I have also met a lot of amazing indie artists.

What can we expect to see at one of your LIVE shows!?

You will hear me play some of my songs from my latest album "Where Do We Go From Here? and some of my older tunes. I love to engage with the audience. Even during the pandemic, you can still be yourself and be engaging.

Who has been your greatest influence?

This came a little late in life, but Nina Simone has been a huge influence in my music career. She commanded the stage and wasn't afraid to sing about tough subjects. She was fearless.

Please tell us about your new music!!

I recently released, "Hooked"( a love song). I have some new love songs coming in the near future. As well as songs that touch on our emotions during this pivotal time in America. Lots of collaborations.

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

I am looking forward to being pandemic free, and getting new music out.

Where do our readers find you at SPOTIFY!? INSTAGRAM

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