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Nashville Moves with SOPHIA WARREN

Thanks for being with us today! Tell us about your latest creative endeavors!! Sure, I would love to tell you about my latest endeavor. I am currently working with an incredible producer out of Nashville, Justine Blazer. We are creating some fantastic music that will be out soon. 

On a scale from ONE TO TEN how driven are you?

I would say 12! 

What is your Spirit Animal and why?

My spirit animal is Jack Black(LOL), but seriously, it is. He has had such an amazing evolution throughout his career. He is authentic and doesn't comprise. He lives life to the fullest, enjoys his work, and has fun doing it. 

Tell us about your beginnings!!

My first experience was when I shared one of my first songs with a group of mostly guys, and it brought them to tears. One guy asked if he could have a moment to compose himself. I knew music always did that for me but knowing I had to the ability to that for others was the confirmation that I was on the right path.

Do you think LUCK has a lot do with success?

I am not a real big believer in "luck'; I think we all have a path. What I do believe is we have choices and how we choose to go down that path is up to us, even the bumps are lessons. 

How do you define success?

I think we all define success differently for some it is money and fame & big moments. For me, it's the little things like finishing a song or recording a good Tik Tok. Now, achieving success takes work, drive & thick skin.

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?

Charlie Kaufman, I would love to sit down with him with a cup of Earl Grey and pick his brain. 


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