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Natalie Otto "My Day"

THANK YOU FOR SPENDING SOME TIME WITH US TODAY!  TELL US ABOUT YOUR LATEST CREATIVE ENDEAVOR!! ~ About a month ago, I had the opportunity to co-write a song that talks about what life was like back when our grandparents were younger. It's called "My Day."  But aside from the message of the song that's so special, we wrote it, recorded the backing track, and put my vocals down all in an 8-hour period.  It was a grueling day, but so rewarding to be a part of seeing how a song takes shape from beginning to end! I can't wait for the world to hear it! ON A SCALE FROM ONE TO TEN... HOW DRIVEN ARE YOU? 

Hands down - 10. WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL AND WHY?  This is a fun question! I think my spirit animal is a wolf. They have a deep connection to their instincts, a desire for freedom, and are very loyal to those in their trusted circle - almost to a fault.  WHAT WAS THE FIRST EXPERIENCE IN YOUR LIFE, WHEN YOU KNEW YOU WERE DESTINED FOR THIS CAREER PATH?  I'm still trying to figure this one out, but I would say when I wrote my first song!  HOW IMPORTANT IS "LUCK" IN YOUR CAREER? 

I don't think "luck" has anything to do with success. I think it all boils down to hard work, surrounding yourself with people who are genuinely interested in helping you succeed, and setting goals.  Drop the negative relationships that are holding you back, and focus on cultivating the positive ones. WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND TO BE 100% TRUE ABOUT SUCCESS? 

It doesn't come easy! IF YOU COULD MEET ANY SUCCESSFUL PERSON IN YOUR CAREER WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY?  Gosh - there are so many, but the group that comes to mind is Old Dominion. I just love how down-to-earth those guys are.  Their songwriting is amazing too! I'd love to know how they can take a simple phrase and turn it into a whole new meaning! It's pretty awesome! FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM

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