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Rosie Dean is a multi-hyphenated artist originally from the UK, based in New York City. She's always had a huge passion for all things entertainment but at long last jumping head first into her music and couldn’t be happier! She's dropped her debut EP “All Grown Up” which is a relatable collection of 4 songs tackling aging, growing apart, moving on from toxicity, and healing from pain. With her growing stardom Rosie Dean continues to be relatable and resonating with her growing fan base!

What have you always aspired to do in your career Rosie?

I’ve loved making music since I was a little kid- but I’ve only just recently started properly pursuing it. I realized life is too short to not put your all into the things you love! My aspirations for my career are truly just to write music that I think is important… stuff that will connect with others and make a positive impact. Where do you pull inspiration from?

I like to write about little experiences and feelings that we don’t often tackle in music. It excites me thinking about the prospect of saying something new- but something everyone gets. Who do you pull inspiration from?

My favorite artist growing up was Ed Sheeran, and I was big into his music when I first started song writing- Something which I think definitely comes across in my writing style. What does the ultimate empire look or feel like to you?

A network of supportive artists who respect, listen, and collaborate to make the world a more exciting place. What would you tell your younger self about the music industry?

Being yourself is the only way to do things right. You have to be uniquely you- because carbon copies of pop stars are a dime a dozen. How has this industry shaped you?

I’m still very new to the music industry, but even with the limited experience I’ve gained since the inception of my EP, I’ve had no choice but to become more confident in myself and my writing. You’re constantly showcasing yourself and your work- and being embarrassed or apologetic in that process does not fly. How did you come up with your latest hit All Grown Up?

I wrote the EP in 4 days (1 song each day) back in May 2021- I was going through a very tough period of isolation and I turned to music to get me through. The songs are special to me because they’re truly the first ones I kept myself from picking apart. I wrote them and I recorded them and I said that’s it. Perfection is unattainable and this was the first experience I had writing where I fully accepted that from the jump.

What's the vibe for this year?

This year’s vibe is… rise and grind. But also… enjoy yourself. We wouldn’t do what we do if we didn’t love it. What piece of music means the most to you?

There’s a song by Versa the Band called “Pearl”… the lyrics go “The light is shining and I feel okay, I’m just tryna make it past another day.” To me it’s a song about optimism in the face of monotony and hardship- and it reminds me of all the things I have to be grateful for. What are you currently working on right now that you can share?

I have a few songs in the works with my lovely partner Ethan in our music duo “Esie”, as well as some other collaborations on the horizon… stay tuned. Where are you performing LIVE next?

I have a performance this coming Saturday April 16th at New Old Rock Deli in NYC! Doors at 7. Give us all your socials and where we can stream your music?

@Rosiedean21 is my handle for social media!!!

My music can be streamed or downloaded everywhere music is available- and the linktree below will take you to it! What final advice would you give to young artists?

It’s okay to change in some ways… always strive to improve your craft and adapt your style as you grow! BUT… never compromise yourself because you think you need to be different to succeed. There are people who need to hear your music from you, and you specifically. Stay unique.

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