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Some Q&A with Joey Stuckey

THANK YOU FOR SPENDING SOME TIME WITH US TODAY!  TELL US ABOUT YOUR LATEST CREATIVE ENDEAVOR? Well, most of my time these days has been spent one of five ways. First, I have made a commitment to release a new song each month and that has been both fun and challenging LOL, but so very worthwhile and honestly, I think a lot of these songs are some of my best work, so I am glad to have a reason to get them out there. COLD HEART/ SPOTIFY Second, I have been working hard to COVID-proof my recording studio so that both clients and staff can work creatively and safely together again. The main way we have done this is to have touchless hand sanitizing stations in every room. We also have 1000 latex free gloves and N90 masks for clients that don’t have their own and even face shields for staff and special singers’ masks made by the Broadway music community so you can sing unaffected and still be safe. I have also bought some Genelec 8341 monitors that have DSP and room tuning capabilities and put them in my control room and in the main tracking room so that clients can listen accurately to the mix and not be in the control room, thus being able to observe social distancing guidelines. Third, I have been using the extra time I have had thanks to COVID to lose weight and I have lost over 60 pounds since April! Fourth, I have been enjoying doing some guest writing for music related sites like GigMerge  and also doing several guest speaking opportunities with organizations like Music Ops.  And fifth, I have been preparing for “Joey Stuckey Alive Day” which takes place on Tuesday, September 29th from 6-10PM EST. Here is the Facebook Event Page: I started this music festival back in 2017 and it celebrates the day I beat the brain tumor that was supposed to take my life. Though the tumor did leave me blind and with some other health challenges, I am most certainly alive and grateful! This will be the 3rd festival featuring music from all over North America and will be online only this year, due to COVID, via Facebook Live. To learn more, please visit: ON A SCALE FROM ONE TO TEN... HOW DRIVEN ARE YOU? Much like the amps in Spinal Tap, I would have to say I go to 11! WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL AND WHY? Okay, I have to answer this two ways. First, in the way in which you intended me to answer, so I’ll say the owl is my spirit animal. I don’t know why, but I started thinking about owls a lot during my total hip replacement surgery back in 2002 and for some reason, the thought of wise friendly owls just made me smile, so they became my symbol of hope. Now, let me say that for my wife Jennifer and me, RuPaul is our spirit animal as he is all about love for one’s self and for others! WHAT WAS THE FIRST EXPERIENCE IN YOUR LIFE, WHEN YOU KNEW YOU WERE DESTINED FOR THIS CAREER PATH? I was about 16 years old and I was already recording bands in my attic. I knew I loved sound and that I had talent in recording both music and sound effects. But one day, one of the bands I was recording came in and didn’t just record themselves doing cover songs but a song they had written. At that moment, I knew that I could do that too and that music was the vehicle through which I would tell my story and I haven’t looked back! HOW IMPORTANT IS "LUCK" IN YOUR CAREER? Hmmm, that is an interesting question. I don’t know if I believe in luck, but I do believe you have to set yourself up to be in the right place at the right time and that has as much to do with being successful as the talent. I guess I believe that you make your own luck, but you have to take steps to be where you need to be. This can manifest in different ways—going to the right school that will not only give you the skill set you want, but perhaps more importantly, will provide access to the contacts you’ll need to living in the right city where what you do is appreciated. Again, it all comes down to making your own luck. I think about it this way, I believe you need to start with a life of intention, meaning that you have to have a core set of beliefs and goals. If you understand that, everything else you do will unfold in a way that will further those beliefs and goals! WHAT HAVE YOU FOUND TO BE 100% TRUE ABOUT SUCCESS? If you don’t try, you will fail! Or if you prefer the JEDI way of saying it—“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” IF YOU COULD MEET ANY SUCCESSFUL PERSON IN YOUR CAREER WHO WOULD IT BE AND WHY? So many people have made me feel moved and inspired it is so hard to say, but I would love to meet Neal Finn of Crowded House or Sir Paul McCartney! For one thing, they seem like genuinely good people and I think I would learn from them and would make a great record with them!

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