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The Genre Benders of Fans of Jimmy Century is talking their adventurous style and aspirations in music!

What have you always aspired to do in your career? In our music career, we’ve always aspired to write songs that were known around the world. Always wanted popular songs that we could tour on forever. Now, it’s also about building a brand on Youtube and various socials that people can depend on for laughs, inspiration, motivation. And having an ongoing production show that people come from round the world to see here in Las Vegas is a top priority. Would love to land our songs in commercials as well - to the point where they’re extremely recognizable.

Your style is Avant Garde fab! Where do you pull inspiration from? My style is to clash as much as possible and wear things backward or in reverse lol. And I think I’m rubbing off on Victor since now he’ll mix prints and strange bedfellow colors too haha - either that or it’s his Hunter S Thompson character that we do that makes him more adventurous. What does the ultimate empire look or feel like to you? The ultimate empire looks like bringing our new music and characters to life onstage in an avant garde production both on the road touring it and as a residency in Vegas. We’d like to get many of our songs big enough and recognizable to the point that we’re being asked by venues to play various cities out of high demand. How did you come up with your latest hit? Rocket Star is our latest release - we actually approached it as wanting to write something that would appeal to all ages - something for Youngbloods, the young at heart, to give them confidence after such a challenging year. We began with a video idea of having a swarm of people walking down the street in front of a cruising cutlass supreme and then by the time they get to the end of the street they meet a rocket touching down. A meeting of 2 worlds. We haven’t created that particular video yet, but that’s how the song actually started, from a visual. What's the vibe for new music in the New Year? The vibe for the new music in the New Year is more consistently funktronic based with still a new wave or mod wave vibe - that feel-good music. Our music in the last few years before now has been all over the place - genre bending and bouncing, because we were challenging ourselves by writing all over the board for film/tv briefs. It created a split personality in us. The split personality in our music and branding also comes from a love of alter egos and creating characters. Those characters tend to take over and change my singing voice from song to song. But it’s hard to narrow it down to a specific sound. There are so many albums we’d like to release. An energetic funktronic based album, a Noir Tartare album with more of a trip hop mysterious kiss kiss bang bang vibe, we’d also like to continue what we did with Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go vs Love TKO - 80s songs turned on by the 70s - we call that one “Songs From The Babymakers Series”. Ideas coming out of our ears. That’s why we need a new production to present it all with various alter egos lol. What piece of music means the most to you? Hot Sahara, after all this time, is still the most meaningful piece of our music - it’s the song that opened the door to everything, sync success, financial stability, everything. And it’s still one of our most popular songs. What are you currently working on that is getting you HYPED? Working on new live sets, outlining new albums for release, new comedy and music videos, possible mockumentary, musical in the works to incorporate into our already existing show Fatale Originale. Really establishing our branding - we’ve always wanted popular merch themed after all of our characters/songs so we’re working on bringing that into laser focus and getting it off the ground. Give us all your socials and where we can stream your music?

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