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The authenticity of the amazing artist Jameson Burt.

What have you always aspired to do in your career?

I think above all I’ve always aspired to be authentic. To honestly communicate my experience and my true self through my work as best I can. Of course I’ve always had more material aspirations, to tour the world and reach as many people as possible, to make a good living with my music, all of that. But at the core I’ve always demanded that the art that I make be honest and feel true to me. If you don’t have that, nothing else matters. Beyond that I’ve aspired just to be interesting! To keep myself interested and take chances and hopefully be interesting to the listener.

Where do you pull inspiration from?

The highs and lows of life. I love to go to the grocery store and shop for produce and I do it several times a week, but I’ve yet to feel inspired to write about that. The things that really shake me up, that make me feel either euphoric or depressed or turned on or pissed off…those things naturally tend to swirl around in my mind and then come out in my writing. More often than not over the years those things have to do with romantic love or the loss of it. Nothing else really interests me as much as that aspect of life.

What does the ultimate empire look or feel like to you?

A house in Laguna Beach with a recording studio in it. First thing that came to mind! Honestly my “empire” would be a body of work that touches people. And for me and my creative team to have all the means to freely create, record and perform anywhere in the world as we please. That’s the dream!

How did you come up with your latest hit?

“Somebody Wants Me.” Yeah. Just sitting at the piano one day, early on the first lockdown in California and feeling lonesome and nostalgic, these chords just came out. This mood. I’d been through several months of a really rough time in my personal life, and had just started to open myself up and enjoy myself again…going out and seeing shows and meeting new people and having fun, and then boom! All that was cut off. So I was processing all that experience and that emotional roller coaster, and it all went into that track. I recorded the piano and vocals to a drum loop I had made, and then my co-producer (Andrew Wesley Carter) and I recreated the loop with real drums and percussion. We kept it really sparse and simple - I like how it turned out.

Whats the vibe for this year?

I’m so excited to take everything I’ve done the past year and bring it to people in person. This record release show on July 15th is going to be really great. Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, and it’s a masquerade party as well…check out my Instagram and you’ll get the vibe. The beauty of reconnecting with each other after being separated for so long, it’s such a joy to be able to get people together again and do proper shows, and just have fun! It’s definitely renewed my appreciation for live performance, which I’ve always loved, but it feels even more powerful now after doing without it for so long. We’re also doing a show at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles August 27th, our first show back in LA. For now we’re focusing on performing the new music from “Right Time” live, and later this year I’ll be putting out another new single or two.

What piece of music means the most to you?

Right now, “Fall Out.” It’s track three on the new album. More than any other song on the record it just encapsulates my experience over the last couple years. When I listen to it now it feels like looking at an old photograph or a home movie or something, of this moment that changed my life. It feels heavy to hear it and takes me back deep into something that’s in the past now, but when I hear it I’m right there again. I think that’s one of the most powerful aspects of songs and music, that transportive power. So I’m proud of that one.

What are you currently working on right now that you can share?

Number one, the show! July 15th, Wayfarer in Costa Mesa. Masquerade party, cocktail attire, lots of special guests and dancers and good mischief. A lot of planning has gone into creating a certain vibe for the night that matches the new record and creates a fun experience for the audience as well. We’re rehearsing a whole lot because more than half the set is songs we’ve never performed live before, and on top of that it's our first full band show in over a year. Can’t wait. See you there!

Give us all your socials and where we can stream your music?

You can find me everywhere @jamesonmakesmusic

Stream my music here:

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