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Kristen Ford talks falling in love with writing music and making an impact with it.

What inspired you in the very beginnings of the Kristen Ford career?

I think at first, I fell in love with writing my own songs. It was a way to process tough emotions, this eventually became a joy of writing, refining, recording and performing. Live performance is something incredible. Taking a "time out" from in person shows due to covid was a stark reminder of how precious and potent an experience playing for an audience is.

What do you still aspire to do?

I think more than anything, to enjoy the present moment and savor the journey. One of my bucket list dreams is to play the ryman. I'd also love to pull up to a stoplight, some nice weather night where everyone has the windows rolled down, and hear some stranger rocking out to one of my songs on their radio.

What kind of impact do you want to have with your music?

I think in many ways I have already had an impact. If one song can improve a person's day or help them through something then that's a huge win for team humanity. We are all going through some of the same triumphs and disappointments, infatuation and heartbreak, connection and isolation. Music can connect us through life's most fun and most difficult moments.

What do you feel a successful song takes?

Repetition. A melody that sticks around, or some kind of hook where you have a feeling.

What do you feel a successful career takes?

One foot in front of the other. And never losing the joy. Any day I get paid to play guitar is a good day, big or small stage, rain or shine.

Who did you share your dreams with?

Anyone who has been part of the journey! Bandmates, producers, Kickstarter backers, fans at shows, it's been beautiful.

What kind of reaction have you had with your latest music?

Everything from dancing to tears to just... wow! It's been incredible to work with Brett Bullion and June Millington, two very different producers and combining the work to make "War in the Living Room" has been fantastic.

Take us through a day in the life of YOU?

Something I love about being self-employed is that no two days are the same. Sometimes it's driving out of state to a gig, or it's rehearsing or learning new material, sometimes it's doing an interview like this. I've also been diving into acting this last year, and I find that working on a whole new medium adds more depth to my music. It's okay to have multiple interests.

What habit was important to you to have as a musician?

I think I'm always open to new possibilities. Be it a new pedal or technology, exploring a different genre or format of creating songs, expanding on a new instrument, I always want to innovate.

What advice was imparted to you that you hold onto?

My great uncle Kermit once said, Repetition is the most important aspect in music. I try to keep that in mind. It's about the listener. I do everything for them.

What are kind words you'd like to leave with us?

Follow your feelings, trust yourself, and if you're feeling joyful that's the most important thing. It's okay to chill out. Everything is always working out for you.

Thank you for this positive interview! How do fans follow you?

Find me at, there you will find social links and more.

And most importantly stream your music?!

I'm streaming everywhere under the name Kristen Ford

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