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Thank you for spending some time with us today! Tell us about your latest creative endeavor!

Thank you for having me! I am so excited! I recently just finished filming a four-part video series, for September being Suicide Awareness Month! I teamed up with Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model, Kate Bock and we created a wellness series focused on health and wellness. It was so amazing to film and I loved every minute of it!! We also got featured in People Magazine, so that was very full circle! Kate is so talented and it was so wonderful to show our followers what both of our daily routines look like! I love manifesting these blessings because my ultimate dream is to be like Camille Kostek, Erin Andrews, and Maria Menounos (who is also my boss) and all of the amazing influencers who are TV Hosts. 

On a scale from 1-10… How driven are you? 

I am definitely a 15! I love going 100 miles per hour at all times. I am extremely self-driven and that's how I have been! Since I started my business at 18, I haven't stopped once to pause. Not exaggerating haha. I just know my potential and I am a very visual person, so I manifest by feeling how it would feel to achieve the level of Tony Robbins' recognition in the motivational speaking world. I know it's possible, anything can happen anytime. I love telling myself that quote all day long! 

What is your spirit animal and why?

Oh my gosh, I would say a cheetah!! Anything fast or powerful! I have so much energy throughout the day and thankfully God gave me so much motivation because it does serve me!! I was born to be on stage and perform! 

What was the first experience in your life, when you knew you were destined for this career path?

Hmmm, I would say in Middle School. I mean I've always been a very caring, empathetic, loving person but I really was the advice-giver of my friend group. In every situation, I always felt that I had a gift. I loved giving advice and helping people! 

How important is “luck” in your career? 

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason! I love trusting the process! I believe that God has a huge plan for me and I am so grateful for my journey!! I think hard work, timing, luck and just trusting what God has in store for you! It's so important to just believe in a bigger plan the whole way!! 

What have you found to be 100% true about success?

I have found that success has a different meaning for everyone. For me, it personally means that I'm following my passions: writing, modeling, vlogging, dancing, and TV hosting! I feel like an important reminder along the way has been remembering that everyone has their own path! Embrace your path and love yourself along the way! 

If you could meet any successful person in your career who would it be and why? 

Wow, I would definitely say Tony Robbins. He is one of my idols and I look up to him so much! His seminars have changed my life and I aspire to be like him! He has changed so many lives and given back so much! I dream of going on tours and traveling the world! 

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