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Words of Development from Bsquared Head of Artist Relations: Madison Skinner

When we're starting out as musicians, sometimes it's easy to attach ourselves to the "ideal" without a clear plan of how to implement that ideal. I spent the first SIX years of my career "brainstorming" and dreaming about my perfect artistic career. But I didn't actively research the industry. I didn't find joy in practicing because I felt so anxious about actually performing or writing the "next hit song" that it wasn't fun for me anymore. 

I rarely listened to music to figure out what I did/didn't like because it stressed me out to think about all the stuff I just didn't know about music and the industry. So if I didn't know anything, then I was safe in my mind. My ideal was safe because if I never tried then I never would fail. 

I compared myself to everyone before thinking about what I actually wanted to say in my songs. I wasn't telling stories- I was allowing other people or trends to dictate my story. To tell me who I was and what I was supposed to say. And because of that, I stayed stagnant. And as I experienced life, I found I had more to say. Adversity inspired me. Love (and failed love) inspired me. Nature and other people inspired me. Music became a safe place among all the chaos - just as it was in the beginning. 

So if this resonates with you at all - I challenge you to look inward and to explore! What kind of music do you like? What speaks to you? Which hooks hit you when you hear them? Why? Which singers are the ones you could listen to all day? That make you feel like they're singing right to you? What are they doing to create that magic? Listen, learn, observe, ask questions because you are a TALENT. Speak your truth. 

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