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On a scale from 1-10… How driven are you? 

*scale breaks* lol

What is your spirit animal and why? 

Probably a cat lol. So elegant while also being sassy and fierce!

What was the first experience in your life, when you knew you were destined for this career path?

I would say in 3rd grade when I auditioned for my first church choir solo. I was shaking like a leaf but once I did it, I never wanted to do anything else again!

How important is “luck” in your career? 

I think a lot of "luck" happens when the hard work is put in. I think you get more and more "lucky" with each day of hard work under your belt.

What have you found to be 100% true about success? 

It is never "Overnight".

If you could meet any successful person in your career who would it be and why? 

Ah this is a hard one. Probably Drake. May sound like a weird answer but he is one of the only artists of our time to consistently have songs on the charts and radio for the past 10+ years. He's got to have the secret!

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