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Artist Money Mindset Basics


Practical Basics for Getting Started as a Money Making Mission Inspired Creative and how to THRIVE along the way!

Create your ART in alignment with your MISSION to create the LIFE you want! 

When I first realized my passionate calling, I had no idea how to make that first move.  All I knew was I had an ability to connect with people thru my stories and songs and I wanted to create a journey of music combined with travel.

At every turn I was told "Aren't you a little too old for that?" 

"Oh that's SO HARD, you'll never make it!" and my personal favorite ...

"Don't you just want to settle down at your age? " 

ummm no, I'm GOOD! 

Fast forward a few years, thousands of miles of amazing travel, adventure filled tours, bucket list stages and Dream Openers for some of my favorite artists of all time and SUDDENLY that same passionate calling hit me again!

Lightening can strike twice or thrice or millions of times in this life! There is NO AGE Barrier to NEW BEGINNINGS!

This time it was about starting my own business to help other creatives capture their own bucket lists and their own fabulous journeys of SUCCESS!  

BOTH EQUALLY frightening, but both equally rewarding and filled with excitement!

Now as the owner of my own SEVEN FIGURE Boutique Talent Empire, my desire is to teach others to be LIMITLESS in their pursuit of success!

ANYTHING your heart desires at this moment IS possible!

TOGETHER we can work on the BASICS as we work toward the mind shifts to turn your inspired ideas into your REALITY!